Our Lady of the Woods Parish
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Coming soon ...
Whole-Community Celebration

See how much fun learning about our Faith can be! Lighten-Up! This will be a highlight of all of our parish programming! A Catholic Inspirational Comedy with a Message for All Ages!!
April 14 & 15 6:47pm (yes, 6:47!)
In the new Church Sanctuary
For more info: check out www.dougbrummel.com!
Worship Times
Our Lady of the Woods
Rosary: 4:00pm
Vigil Mass: 4:30pm

Our Lady of the Woods
Rosary: 8:30am
Mass: 9:00am

St. Peter's Chapel
Rosary: 11:30am
Mass: 12:00 Noon

Daily Worship at
Our Lady of the Woods

Divine Office: 8:00am
Mass: 8:15am

Mass & Benediction (evening):  6:00pm

Divine Office: 8:00am
Mass: 8:15am

Divine Office: 8:00am
Mass:  8:15am
(First Friday of the month is Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Sacrament of
Anointing of the Sick
Our Lady of the Woods
First Friday 8:15am Mass
St. Peter's Chapel
Second Sunday 12:00 Noon Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Our Lady of the Woods
Friday: 8:45am (After Mass)

St. Peter's Chapel
Sunday: 1:00pm (After Mass)

* You are welcome to make an appointment
with Father Timothy for an individual confession.

What's happening...

Dinner For Eight
Food, Friends, and Fellowship

Join your fellow parishioners for a fun way to meet new people, enjoy a light meal or dessert and grow closer to your parish community.
For more information or to register, please email
Deacon Dave Illingworth at deacon1dave@yahoo.com

Brothers and Sisters, Our Lady of the Woods Parish is pleased to participate in the 2015 Returning God’s Gifts Appeal.
This appeal supports charitable needs throughout the Diocese of Colorado Springs.
Your contribution benefits Catholic Charities, provides scholarships to Catholic School Children, provides formation for men training for the priesthood and permanent diaconate, and so much more.
Please make your intention to Returning God’s Gifts. You can make your intention online at www.diocs.org, or by picking up a brochure and intention envelope here at the parish.


Want to get involved?

Opportunities are waiting for YOU!
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Our Lady of the Woods                                  St. Peter and St. Victor
116 S. West Street                                                          E. Golden Ave & 3rd Street
PO Box 5590                                                                 Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Woodland Park, CO 80866                                   
(Please send all mail to Our Lady of the Woods PO Box)
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